Although there are solutions that allow you to enjoy your house with a pool at any time of the year, you may prefer to prepare it to rest until the next season. In this case, you will need some tips to keep your pool perfect during the winter, and that it does not cost you anything to get it ready next year. From Leroy Merlin they explain, in detail, all the steps to follow to close your pool so that you can find it ready for the first dip when next summer arrives.

Step 1: preparing the water

Once the summer season is over, if you want to keep your pool until the following summer you have to carry out wintering tasks, which prepare the water to spend the winter without losing properties. If you do it correctly, setting up your pool next season will be less laborious and much cheaper . To do this, whatever the maintenance of your pool (chlorine or salt), carry out the following guidelines:

  1. Lower the water level about 20 cm and always keep it 5 cm below the skimmers.
  2. Deposit floating objects, such as jerrycans or carafes, to prevent the ice from pressing against the walls of the glass in case your pool freezes.
  3. Wash the filters with a specific product and grease the valves.
  4. Cleans and protects the engine.
  5. Place the winter cover, if you have it.
  6. In raised and freestanding pools, disconnect and clean the treatment plant, and store it in a covered space without humidity.

Step 2: the spread and its benefits

Throughout the winter, rain, frost, hail or impurities blown by the wind can dirty the water and cause damage to your pool . Once cleaned and prepared, it is recommended that you finish the winter maintenance process by installing a cover (a PVC-coated polyester canvas that covers the water and insulates it from the outside). These offer a number of advantages:

  1. Cleaning: the covers repel all the dirt that reaches your pool blown by the wind (sand, leaves, branches …), preventing the drain pipes from clogging, and prevent the water from freezing on cold winter nights , which could cause cracks in the glass. In addition, they block the sun’s rays, thanks to which microorganisms that dirty the wash water proliferate.
  2. Anti-evaporation: despite the rains, the water level in pools tends to drop during spring. Installing a cover will avoid this problem to a great extent, and you will save having to refill the glass when you want to enjoy your pool again.