4 inch heavy duty casters are the perfect solution for moving large loads or machinery. They’re designed to withstand high pressures and provide a smooth rolling experience. They are available in a variety of different diameters and wheel types, making it easy to find the right one for your needs.

Choose the Size Caster You Need

The most important factor in deciding what kind of caster you need is the diameter. A larger wheel will roll more smoothly and easily, won’t bog down on carpets or mats, won’t get stuck on cracks, pebbles, strips of scrap wood and cords, and will prevent objects from slipping off the caster.

A wide wheel is also helpful when you’re moving expensive, fragile or heavy equipment or machinery. It will help to keep these items from rolling too fast and causing damage to the leg or yoke.

Considerations When Choosing Four Heavy Duty Casters for Your Equipment or Furniture

Another crucial factor is what material you’re going to be using. There are many different materials to choose from, including rubber, polyurethane, steel, and thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

Depending on what you’re moving and the conditions you’ll be working in, it may be best to go with a material that has a higher weight capacity. This is especially true if you’re moving things that may be sensitive to chemicals, oils or acids.

Whether you’re looking for a rigid or swivel caster, a brake caster or a dual wheel caster, we have you covered! Shop our selection today and save!