Tree felling is a dangerous task that should only be performed by experienced professionals. Attempting to remove unwanted trees or trim overgrown ones yourself can lead to injury and property damage. It also takes several hours to properly cut down a single tree. A professional can save you both time and money by taking care of this task quickly and safely.

What is the price to top trees?

The story of how they do it is a tale of determination, hope and the profound connection between healthy ecosystems and human survival. In the Franschhoek mountains of South Africa, a helicopter drops off abseilers to scale the steep sides of craggy cliffs and chop away at invasive pine trees that are choking the water supply of millions of Cape Town residents already suffering from climate change-induced drought. This effort is part of a public-private partnership led by TNC to clear invasive plants from the mountain ecosystems that supply city water, a strategy that could save billions of litres each year within just a few years — a fraction of the cost of other solutions such as desalination and wastewater recycling.