Four Original And Very Functional Furniture

Furniture design requires great creativity and skill to detect the needs of potential consumers. Then, when it seems to us that everything is already created, we find these original pieces, which stand out for their simplicity and functionality.


Saving space


Japanese design is one of those that stands out above the rest when it comes to adaptable furniture. In this case, three small pieces of furniture that look like suitcases, but which when opened become a bed, a desk and a kitchen. Incredible but real.


Message on a table


Forget the pencil and paper. With this original table, you can leave reminders and messages in a very fun way: the table is made up of a blackboard that covers its entire surface and, on it, nine sliding sections that you can slide at will (to view or hide messages , according to your convenience).


In search of the greatest comfort


The design of increasingly comfortable chairs is the objective that reveals to furniture designers; In this case, a hard material such as wood was used, which when divided into multiple pieces adapts perfectly to the body, whatever its weight and shape.

Multifunctional Libraries 

Integrated furniture is a trend, because they can offer you more than one solution without spending too much money; In the photo, a design of shelves that include a reading space, with the plus of warm artificial lighting.

2 Simple Steps To Keep Your Pool Ready For Next Summer

Although there are solutions that allow you to enjoy your house with a pool at any time of the year, you may prefer to prepare it to rest until the next season. In this case, you will need some tips to keep your pool perfect during the winter, and that it does not cost you anything to get it ready next year. From Leroy Merlin they explain, in detail, all the steps to follow to close your pool so that you can find it ready for the first dip when next summer arrives.

Step 1: preparing the water

Once the summer season is over, if you want to keep your pool until the following summer you have to carry out wintering tasks, which prepare the water to spend the winter without losing properties. If you do it correctly, setting up your pool next season will be less laborious and much cheaper . To do this, whatever the maintenance of your pool (chlorine or salt), carry out the following guidelines:

  1. Lower the water level about 20 cm and always keep it 5 cm below the skimmers.
  2. Deposit floating objects, such as jerrycans or carafes, to prevent the ice from pressing against the walls of the glass in case your pool freezes.
  3. Wash the filters with a specific product and grease the valves.
  4. Cleans and protects the engine.
  5. Place the winter cover, if you have it.
  6. In raised and freestanding pools, disconnect and clean the treatment plant, and store it in a covered space without humidity.

Step 2: the spread and its benefits

Throughout the winter, rain, frost, hail or impurities blown by the wind can dirty the water and cause damage to your pool . Once cleaned and prepared, it is recommended that you finish the winter maintenance process by installing a cover (a PVC-coated polyester canvas that covers the water and insulates it from the outside). These offer a number of advantages:

  1. Cleaning: the covers repel all the dirt that reaches your pool blown by the wind (sand, leaves, branches …), preventing the drain pipes from clogging, and prevent the water from freezing on cold winter nights , which could cause cracks in the glass. In addition, they block the sun’s rays, thanks to which microorganisms that dirty the wash water proliferate.
  2. Anti-evaporation: despite the rains, the water level in pools tends to drop during spring. Installing a cover will avoid this problem to a great extent, and you will save having to refill the glass when you want to enjoy your pool again.

Gain Meters Without Works: 10 Ideas To Visually Expand The Space

Current homes tend to be smaller and smaller and solutions such as adding an extension or building a second floor are not in many cases a possible option. However, visually expanding the space does not require expensive renovations or structural changes, it is enough to know a few clever decorating tricks to make the space appear larger than it actually is.


1. Use white as a base for decoration


One of the best known tricks to visually expand the space is to use the color white, since it reflects and multiplies light inside . The higher the light intensity, the greater the sensation of space, so that in decoration light is equal to space. If a white space is too monotonous, you can incorporate brightly colored brush strokes to create contrast and visual interest.


2. Keep the space clear


One of the most important keys to visually expand a small space is to have it clear and well organized. The secret to keeping order at home is to have all possible storage solutions : beanbags, seats and beds usually have extra storage space under them, being very useful in small homes.


3. Replace chairs with benches and stools


Benches and stools are also an ideal solution for kitchen tables, dining rooms, and even workspaces when space is at a premium. Since they don’t have a back, they don’t enclose the space around the table, making it appear more uncluttered and lighter.


4. Bet on glass furniture


Glass furniture lets light pass through them and its light appearance also helps to visually multiply the feeling of spaciousness. When choosing a glass cabinet , make sure it has curved shapes and rounded corners to avoid accidents, especially if there are children at home.


5. Choose furniture with rounded shapes


Round tables, chairs with curved backs, stools with rounded seats… All these pieces use less space and are much more comfortable for confined spaces. In addition, by not having corners, they allow you to move around them more easily.


6. Use mirrors


Like white, mirrors also reflect light, multiplying the light intensity of a room. Furthermore, they can trick the eye, perceiving the space as much larger than it actually is.


7. Consider the scale


When decorating a small space, the dimensions of the furniture should be adjusted to the space of the room . For example, a king-size bed will make the bedroom look tiny if it is small. In addition, furniture and decorative objects combined in the same space must keep an adequate proportion to each other. For example, a large bed will need to be accompanied by large bedside tables. Therefore, it is necessary to choose each piece of furniture taking into account the general dimensions of the room and the specific size of the objects that accompany it.


8. Arrange the furniture next to the wall


In the dining area, the chairs need enough space between the table and the wall so that it is comfortable and functional to move around it. But, when the room is small, white can be used instead of chairs, whose backs can lean against the wall and even take advantage of small corners. Other furniture that can stick to the wall when space is at a premium include sofas, desks, and single beds.


9. Opt for furniture with visible legs


Furniture with low visual weight also seems to take up less volume, thus increasing the feeling of spaciousness. For this reason, the pieces with thin metal legs create an image of greater lightness than those with sturdy wooden legs or without legs.


10. Choose blinds or bare windows


If the outdoor space has sufficient privacy, for example, if the window overlooks a private garden, even the windows can be left without curtains, or with only thin sheers or blinds. In this way, continuity is created between the interior space and its exterior environment, making the room appear much larger.

10 Tips To Enjoy Summer At Home

Summer is coming and, with it, the desire to experience vacations, trips, night walks, the terraces of bars, restaurants … but what if we stay at home? Keep reading and discover how to enjoy summer at home.

Balconies, terraces and colorful gardens

Plants and flowers are an essential complement to decorate our house throughout the year, but more than ever in spring and summer. Fill your house with joy: the garden, balcony or terrace, the kitchen, the living room, the hall … And, if you are not very careful, you can always opt for the plastic ones, which do not require maintenance and provide the same color!

Savor refreshing drinks

The best way to kill the heat is to drink plenty of fluids. Cocktails, soft drinks, smoothies, juices … will be much more refreshing with a little ice. Use an ice blender to make your own cocktails, lemonades, smoothies, slushies, and other drinks. Also enjoy your homemade ice cream thanks to the refrigerators; With the shirts, much cheaper, you can make your own polo shirts for a healthy and refreshing summer.

Enjoy a summer table

Summer arrives and the day is flooded with bright and cheerful colors that fill your home with life. Flowery or geometric patterns on tablecloths and napkins dress the table, while, for its part, the dishes bring light, freshness and joy to family meals or with friends thanks to the mauves, oranges, turquoise, yellow and green. If you don’t want to change the usual table linen or tableware, you can always choose to combine it with reusable napkins or disposable cups and plastics.

Get an intimate and cozy atmosphere

Bohemian, colonial, romantic, classic, Arabic … the chandeliers accentuate the style you want to give to your home and provide an intimate and cozy soft light, perfect for times outdoors in the exteriors of the house. Another option is solar lamps, garlands or candles. You choose!

Relieves summer heat

Forget the crushing or sticky heat of summer. Refresh your home thanks to proper insulation, through the use of blinds and textiles and, of course, with fans and air conditioners .

Keep everything always at hand

In the kitchen, living room and outdoor spaces. A waitress can always be very useful when it comes to having everything at hand, especially during times of the pool, at meals or at leisure with friends and family.

Brighten up your bed with bright colors

Tablecloths, bedspreads, sheets, cushions … home textile accessories are filled with bright and cheerful colors to welcome the summer. The bed is no exception: striped prints, with stars and, above all, with flowers fill the room, creating a feeling of freshness.

Live the exteriors of your home

Terraces, balconies and gardens are the favorite corners of the home when summer arrives. In them you can enjoy fantastic reading times, family meals, nights with friends or moments of relaxation. Decorate them to get the most out of them and feel at ease. Remember that it is very important to have a shady area, where you can take refuge from the sun. If you do not have a porch, it is best to opt for a pergola, awning or umbrella to achieve the necessary shade.

Look for comfort

There is nothing better than a relaxing time on a good lounger: for the beach, the swimming pool, the countryside or, simply, to enjoy a good nap in the fresh air. Hammocks can also be a great option. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you and relax.

Enjoy the pleasure of grilled food

Meat, fish, vegetables … Savor the pleasure of grilled food by putting a barbecue outside your home. Ideal for outdoor parties, picnics and impromptu evenings, there are all kinds of them: large, small, brick, table, portable, with wheels … You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.