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Wearing the right work out clothes can make or break your work out clothes | RyderWear . From sweat-wicking fibers to UV protection, these pieces will keep you comfortable, fresh, and focused on your exercise goals.

Choosing the right clothing for your type of workout is important because different types of exercises require different kinds of workout clothes. If you’re doing a high-intensity workout, like running or HIIT, look for clothes that have stretchy materials to help with support.

From Gym to Street: Styling Your Workout Clothes for Any Occasion

Fabrics that wick away moisture are best for hot temperatures, while those that hold it in are best for colder weather. Cotton is often a common choice for workout clothing because it absorbs sweat and feels cool and soft against your skin, but it’s not great for intense workouts because it soaks up moisture and can make you feel sweaty and gross.


While the most common workout clothing fabrics are polyester, nylon, and spandex, there are many other options to consider. These include COOLMAX and SUPPLEX, which help to manage your body temperature and keep you feeling dry during a long workout. Some fabrics are also antibacterial, which helps to keep you from getting a nasty, stinky rash during a hot workout.