custom 3d pvc patches

PVC patches are a great way to add an custom 3d pvc patches to your logo and design. They can be a lot less expensive than embroidered or woven patches and still allow for Pantone color matching and fine details that cannot be accomplished with thread-based patch materials. PVC patches are also very cool and durable. They are perfect for a variety of different applications from military unit morale patches to airsoft or paintball team logos and can even be sewn on hats and other gear.

These cool custom patches are made of soft, adaptable polyvinyl chloride and can be molded* to any shape. They are durable, water-resistant, and can be dyed to any color or shade making them ideal for highly detailed 2D or 3D designs.

Adding Depth: Custom 3D PVC Patches

Like 2D patches, 3D pvc patches are created by layering your design over a background base layer. Generally, the base is in contrast with your design but can also match it in colors. Then liquid pvc is poured over the base layer and allowed to cure and take on the shape and details of your design. Once the patch is made, it is trimmed to size and inspected for quality and any additional processing required (like painting) to meet your design specifications. Finally, it is attached to your choice of backing and ready for shipment.

Adding 3D to your pvc patch will give it a more sculpted, lifelike appearance. A good choice if your design is looking a little flat or could benefit from some extra depth and detail.