Furniture design requires great creativity and skill to detect the needs of potential consumers. Then, when it seems to us that everything is already created, we find these original pieces, which stand out for their simplicity and functionality.


Saving space


Japanese design is one of those that stands out above the rest when it comes to adaptable furniture. In this case, three small pieces of furniture that look like suitcases, but which when opened become a bed, a desk and a kitchen. Incredible but real.


Message on a table


Forget the pencil and paper. With this original table, you can leave reminders and messages in a very fun way: the table is made up of a blackboard that covers its entire surface and, on it, nine sliding sections that you can slide at will (to view or hide messages , according to your convenience).


In search of the greatest comfort


The design of increasingly comfortable chairs is the objective that reveals to furniture designers; In this case, a hard material such as wood was used, which when divided into multiple pieces adapts perfectly to the body, whatever its weight and shape.

Multifunctional Libraries 

Integrated furniture is a trend, because they can offer you more than one solution without spending too much money; In the photo, a design of shelves that include a reading space, with the plus of warm artificial lighting.