Lemon Tek Shrooms

Thirdeye Microdose is a common technique that experienced psychonauts use to enhance the effects of their magic mushrooms. It offers a variety of advantages such as a faster onset, reduced nausea and shorter duration compared to traditional ingestion methods. In addition, it can boost the potency of a given dose by up to 2-3 times. However, this method is not without its risks and should be approached with caution.

The basic preparation process for Lemon Tek is fairly straightforward. All that is needed are some mushrooms and fresh lemon juice. The mushrooms need to be grinded into a fine powder. This can be done with a blender or stone mortar and pestle. The lemon juice needs to be squeezed over the mushroom powder until it is fully covered. The concoction is then left to sit for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. After this time, the mushrooms can be drank as a shot. Some users prefer to strain the mushroom juice to remove any leftover mushroom material and reduce nausea. Some people even like to add their Lemon Tek to their favorite tea for a more palatable experience.

Unlocking the Citrus Connection: Lemon Tek and Shrooms Explained

During the trip, most users experience a fast-onset of psychedelic effects such as visuals, increased flow of thoughts, and feelings of euphoria. More intense effects include fractal, geometric visuals and synesthesia, amplification of emotions and ego dissolution. Other typical experiences include time distortion, difficulty with cognitive tasks and reality-altering hallucinations. In some cases, the effects of Lemon Tek may also induce mystical and spiritual experiences.