We sell a great range of plate loaded gym equipment, ideal for commercial gyms, hotels and health clubs. Designed to target different groups of muscles, these strength machines provide a full body workout. With practical innovations to help users train in correct bio-mechanics, our plate load machines have become a staple of gyms across the UK.Check this out :https://plateloadedequipment.co.uk

Plate-loaded machines use bumper plates on a loadable weight pole to create resistance for each movement. This differs from selectorised machines where the user simply pops in or out a weight stack for each exercise. Unlike a selectorized machine, changing the amount of weight on a plate-loaded piece takes time to do and can interrupt the flow of a workout.

Maximize Muscle Growth: Tips for Using Plate Loaded Equipment Effectively

Most plate-loaded machines offer the ability to perform single (unilateral) or dual (bi-lateral) movements and allow varying ranges of motion for a full strength training experience. This flexibility gives them a more balanced and realistic strength curve compared to most selectorized equipment.

Plate loaded equipment also has a lower risk of damage and fraying because there are fewer parts that can break. This makes it easier to maintain and fix if any issues occur.

If you are looking for a quality plate-loaded machine that replicates the feeling of free weights, look no further than our range of top-of-the-range pieces. Including the classics like the seated chest press and leg curl, we have everything you need to deliver the best strength workout possible.