postcard sending service

Postcards are a great way to connect with your audience, whether you’re a business promoting products and services or just telling someone that you’re thinking of them. This old-meets-new marketing tactic is inexpensive and effective, especially if it’s designed with your specific campaign objective in mind.

Postcards have long been a popular way to share travel photos, keep in touch with friends and family, and send a heartfelt message. They’re lightweight, affordable to print and mail, and are considered a charming and personal form of communication in the digital age. This type of direct mail is also easy to design and can have a high return on investment when paired with a well-thought-out call to action. Go here

The headline is the most important aspect of your postcard marketing copy because it creates a desire, commands attention, and communicates your offer in a short, concise phrase. The body of the copy supports your headline and delivers on your promise to readers. It should include clear benefits and a strong call to action that will motivate them to act now.

Sending Smiles: The Convenience of Postcard Sending Services

When designing a postcard, be sure to follow USPS guidelines to ensure your design can be successfully mailed. For example, postcards must be 3.5” x 5” and have a postal clear zone of 1” on all sides. Our downloadable starting files for postcards have this area clearly marked to help you avoid any design mistakes that may delay the mailer from being processed and delivered.