The guiding principles of Servant Leadership Quotes are to put the needs of others before yourself and act with integrity. This style is more popular in non-profit organizations, but can be applied to any type of business. Leaders who use this leadership style typically have strong team morale and a high employee retention rate. Below, you’ll find a collection of Servant Leadership Quotes that will help you learn more about this leadership approach.

“Servant leaders rely on the power of relationships to achieve their goals. They empower and support their people by providing the resources and tools they need to be successful. They are also willing to get their hands dirty and work alongside their teams. They are not afraid to take on the tough tasks themselves if necessary.”

Leading with Heart: Inspiring Servant Leadership Quotes for Effective and Compassionate Leadership

A servant leader isn’t interested in being served, but instead they’re focused on serving others. They prioritize the growth of their people, both professionally and personally. This may involve empowering them to pursue new opportunities or supporting them as they overcome challenges.

Many famous servant leaders include Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. They all worked hard for their workers and helped them to fight against odds and live a life with self-respect. The most important thing for a servant leader is that they always think about the best for their worker and try to fulfill all their requirements. They don’t impose their own ideas and vision on them, but rather they try to elicit the greatness that already exists in their followers.