In this course students will learn how to create a highly experiential digital presence that allows Made in Italy businesses to leverage the power of Italian Dolce Vita, transmedia storytelling and innovative marketing. This will enable them to compete with international bu sinesses by providing multi-sensory and immersive experiences that merge efficiency with emotional rewards. This link

The program helps employees achieve long-term improvements in nutrition, physical activity and resilience to stress, which are a leading cause of workplace health issues. It has a proven track record of helping participants lose weight, improve mood and reduce their health risk. The program also enables workers to decrease their company’s health costs by 16% over the first year of participation.

About NewTopia:

The program’s technology platform combines behavioral economics with a robust goal engine, omnichannel nudges, communication and real-time data analytics. The new participant experience also includes a personalized nutrition and fitness plan with activities tailored to each individual’s unique goals, self-scheduling of live coaching sessions with an Inspirator and access to Newtopia’s extensive library of evidence-based content.

The company’s patented technology is used in several markets around the world, including Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It is based on Akila’s behavioural AI, which is designed to help consumers make the best choices for their health and wellness by delivering personalized and intelligent experiences. It’s a powerful approach that can be used to drive better outcomes in CPG, healthcare and insurance industries.