Snapchat story ads  has introduced a new type of unskippable ad that’s similar to TV commercials. Called Story ads, they’re six-second videos that are shown in curated content and that users can’t skip.

Story ads offer a great opportunity to drive brand awareness and engagement. The key to success is creating impactful visuals that utilise strong movement and colour to catch the attention of your target audience. They’re also a great way to promote products and offers that can drive conversions. When used correctly, they can unlock the benefits of a powerful Snapchat channel and help you achieve your paid social goals.

Refining Your Strategy: Adding Keywords for Effective Ads

When it comes to creative, Snapchat best practices call for a minimal amount of text and simple designs that showcase products prominently. They also tend to be more effective when the ad is branded with a clear, direct message and CTA. Creating Snapchat ads that are engaging, eye-catching and easy to understand is an art form — a team of paid social experts can help you create the assets you need to maximise performance.

Snapchat Dynamic Ads are a powerful tool for ecommerce brands. They appear as a branded tile in the Discover section and offer a tappable, frictionless experience for shoppers. For example, sportswear brand SikSilk used Snapchat Dynamic Ads to reach a new demographic and improve their ROAS by 57%. They also saw an increase in purchases, with the average purchase value rising by 163% compared to their normal campaigns.