Texas Prison Inmate Search is an online resource for individuals seeking information on incarcerated inmates in the state of Texas. Individuals who breach a state law are confined to state prisons and those who violate federal laws will be sent to a federal prison. County jails are maintained by local sheriff departments while the state oversees the state prisons and correctional centers.

During the initial stage of an inmate’s incarceration, jail administrators will book them into a state or county jail and document their mugshot, charges, fingerprints, health status and other relevant information. The inmate will then be assigned an offender number that is six digits long with a prefix of ‘A’, ‘R’ or ‘W’. Jail administration then uploads this data to an inmate search website or database. Those interested in finding an offender can use this resource by entering their name or TDOC number to get details.

Finding Answers: Your Guide to Texas Prison Inmate Search

To combat drug problems in the prison system, TDCJ has instituted a systemwide lockdown and is limiting movement and contact with those outside the facility. Inmates will be subjected to intensive searches while staff will undergo a variety of additional training. TDCJ also plans to roll out a new digital mail program that will allow prisoners to receive letters scanned and uploaded to tablets.

Despite these efforts, drug use remains a problem and inmates continue to die inside Texas prisons. According to a TDCJ report, two inmates were killed at the Gib Lewis Unit in Woodville and another died in the Stiles Unit in Galveston in 2023. TDCJ officials blame gang activity in these units.