website development

Web developers create and maintain websites that allow users to access the internet. They use a variety of programming languages and tools to build a site that works across all devices and platforms.

How to Become a Website Developer

To be a website development | Candy Marketing you need knowledge of HTML, CSS (cascading style sheets), and JavaScript. These three programs enable you to code a website from scratch and make it interactive by adding visual elements.

The Importance of User-Centered Design in Website Development

In the past, dynamic web pages were developed using languages like Perl and PHP, with server-side coding enabling them to store data in places defined by ‘tags’. This was a faster method of development than hand-coding static web pages, but it required a much broader skill set and involved more collaboration with other members of the development team.

Back-End Optimization

The most important aspect of website development is the back-end. This is the part of a website that stores all the information you see on the front-end, such as images, forms, and text. It also allows your website to interact with the internet, and retrieve data from a database.

A Website’s Design

The look and feel of a website impacts how users perceive the company or brand behind it. Web designers use their skills to create designs that complement a company’s brand and personality, and that are easy to navigate.

A website’s design is one of the most important aspects of any business, and it’s often a key factor in attracting new customers. The aesthetics of a website can make or break its success, and it takes less than a second for users to judge a site’s credibility by its look and feel. This is why website design is an increasingly important career field.