RIBO Exam Prep 2023 Latest Graded

RIBO Exam Prep 2023 Latest Graded

Pnc login to work as an insurance broker in Ontario, then you need a RIBO license. RIBO stands for Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario and it is a provincial licensing exam for entry level brokers. You can write the RIBO exam only once you have completed the required courses and passed the Level 1 examination. Once you get your RIBO license, you need to find employment with an RIBO registered general insurance brokerage firm in order to start working. URL https://courses.pnclearning.com/bundles/ribo-1-2

Accessing RIBO Level 1 Textbook PDF: Essential Resources for Exam Preparation

The RIBO Level 1 exam has ninety (90) multiple choice questions and one (1) short answer case study question, worth ten (10) marks. It takes three hours to write the exam and you need 75% to pass. This exam was developed by a team of experienced insurance professionals and is updated every year to reflect changes in legislation and the insurance industry.

RIBO recently announced some significant changes to the exam. Starting in January 2025, the number of exam questions will increase to 100, adding questions that will better assess an examinee’s commercial knowledge. RIBO also plans to add a number of additional questions on legal liability, which is an important area for aspiring brokers to understand.

When you are writing your RIBO exam, it is important to follow the rules and maintain professionalism during the process. For example, food and drink are not allowed in the exam room and unauthorized breaks will result in termination of your exam and nullification of your results. Likewise, it is not allowed to share exam content with others before or during the exam. You must also keep your personal belongings away from the exam area.