A mushroom dispensary near me number of stores selling psychedelic mushrooms are popping up across Canada. The shops are challenging federal drug policy by openly selling the hallucinogenic substance, even though the cultivation and sale of magic mushrooms is illegal. They’re the latest incarnation of grey market cannabis shops that popped up all over the country before legalization.

But unlike those dispensaries, the new stores — such as one in the heart of downtown Ottawa — aren’t selling marijuana. Instead, they’re selling psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. And despite being illegal to sell, the stores are still filling up with customers eager to purchase the drug.

Canada’s Top-Rated Magic Mushroom Dispensaries: What You Need to Know

The Ottawa police service shut down a mushroom store in the city’s Bank Street area on Thursday, but it reopened soon after. Officers had been called to the shop to mediate a landlord and tenant dispute, but while on scene they noticed that the store was selling psilocybin products. Later, officers executed a search warrant and seized dried psilocybin packages and gummies and chocolate bars made with the drug, along with more than $6,000 in cash. Two Ottawa men in their 20s were arrested on suspicion of possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of crime.

But the owners of the store say the raid shows that police aren’t treating them like legitimate business owners. They’ve already opened a second store in Kingston, and the manager of one of the Ottawa locations says the city needs to allow his company to operate. He argues that cracking down on mushrooms is a waste of taxpayer money, and that it’s other drugs — including fentanyl — that are driving street crime in the capital.