A weed doctor is a medical professional who is willing and knowledgeable to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment for his/her patients. They may be a family physician, general practitioner, urologist, oncologist, or other specialist who is licensed to practice in their state and who understands the qualifying conditions of medical marijuana use in their area.

What can you not do with a medical card in Florida?

As the number of states that allow for the medicinal use of marijuana grows so does the need for doctors to be familiar with it. Unfortunately, it is still not covered in many medical school curriculums so seasoned physicians often feel ill-equipped to discuss the benefits and risks of cannabis.

Despite the discomfort some physicians feel, a weed doctor who is educated and knowledgeable about the process of recommending medical marijuana can help their patients tremendously. In fact, it is a growing industry as more and more patients seek to treat their symptoms using this plant that has been around for thousands of years.

When a patient goes to see a weed doctor they will be asked about their qualifying condition as well as other treatments that have been tried and what has worked and not worked for them. It is important to be as detailed and organized as possible when explaining what other treatments have been used as it will make it easier for the weed doctor to recommend cannabis. This also makes it easier to choose a suitable cannabis strain to try that will be most beneficial.